Tomorrow our nation will remember a day that will never be forgotten. They say that 9/11 is my generation’s Pearl Harbor and that on that day…..everything changed.

We all remember where we were when the first plane struck the towers and then moments later as those buildings fell to the ground and the world as we knew it stopped.

We also understand how our lives will never be the same after those terrorists attacks in New York City, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

Fortunately for you and I, we have the best men and women in the world fighting to protect our freedom and to spread freedom to others who are oppressed. Whether it’s in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other countries, the American Soldier is doing his/her job…everyday…away from home…and often without the thanks and respect they deserve.

I never knew Corporal David G. Weimortz from Irmo, South Carolina but after attending his visitation and services last year, he’s someone I wish I had a chance to meet and personally thank. Last year, David paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country and on what would have been his 30th birthday two weeks ago (August 31, 2007), I was proud to be a part of dedicating a portion of the road in front of Dutch Fork High School in his memory.

David was a Dutch Fork High School graduate and I think it’s appropriate that the road in front of his high school is now named in his memory. I can think of no better role model for our high school students than someone from their school who served his country well and fought the war on terror in hopes of making our country and the world a better place.

Thank you, David. You will not be forgotten.