During the past two weeks, I’ve spent time again in our schools and visited with our teachers, administrators and our leaders of tomorrow (the children).

Pictured above are the Student Leaders at Ballentine Elementary School. This group of 4th and 5th graders is led by Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Metts. My visit on September 12 started with two young men meeting me at the front door and making me feel welcome from the start!

I spoke with the students about the importance of being a leader both in and out of the classroom. Being a leader on the ball fields. Being a leader at home. They all understood that others were watching them and they all understood what happens when leaders make wrong decisions. (The first example that came to their mind when I asked was Michael Vick).

Before I left, I explained how the desire they have to help others was put there by God and that it will never leave them. It’s not there by mistake. It’s there for a reason.

That Saturday, the children visited the Lowman Home and no doubt brightened up the resident’s day with their stories, songs, and questions.

They certainly brightened my day by presenting me with BES the bear and I have him on display in my office at the State House.