The Shot | Ballentine will not seek votes, but does not rule out run
June 29, 2007

The Shot has received a copy of A following letter sent from Representative Nathan Ballentine to members of the State House and Senate. Representative Ballentine does not rule a run for State Treasurer in the future, but he does say that he will not seek votes at this time because no office has been vacated. He says seeking votes at this time is inappropriate. One has to wonder if this is a small slap at Representative Converse Chellis who is currently seeking votes.

Here’s the letter:

Dear *—–,

I appreciate the interest and questions I have received over the last
several days in reference to any intentions I may have to serve our
state in a statewide capacity. With my managerial and financial
background for the past fourteen years and with my collegiate degrees in
both Finance and Insurance/Economic Securities, these questions are
bound to continue to persist.

I am certainly flattered and humbled by the admiration and confidence
many of you have in my abilities to continue to serve our state in
whatever capacity may present itself. For that, I thank you.

Until there is a vacancy to consider, I feel it inappropriate and
improper to actively seek commitments. Should a vacancy present itself,
I will certainly seek your guidance and support.

In the meantime, please enjoy our well-deserved break from this
legislative session and call me if I may be of assistance before we